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In this post, I am going to share How to create content online

Step 1: Idea Capture

Make a list of all ideas in your head, note ideas might not come at command so keep a note-keeping habit. I use Notion, it's a great tool to build yourself this content brain for creating online, If I find more time and this edit gets traction, I shall probably create a template and share it.

Ideas that are closer to you will be easier to create. For instance, my work on building internet businesses led me to an idea to write on How to increase your food business online.

Jotted it down as How to increase your sales on Swiggy/Zomato.

Some other ideas I have jotted down are:

What is "the path of least resistance", and how can you apply it to better your life?

The Rakesh Jhunjhunwala effect.

Step 2: Research

After you've decided to create one of your ideas, it's imperative for you to get to research. My father ( A passionate student of the law, ex-Indian Army officer in the Judge Advocate General Deptt) often admires western movies for the sheer research they put behind their projects.

Research gives you the confidence to create. While researching for this post I went through tons of material online.

Step 3: Structure your content

You need to envision how your content will be structured, making it smooth and easy for the reader/viewer.

For instance here is a template I could use for my following newsletter:

I found it online in a great [Justin Welsh- Dicke Bush podcast] (

In this first sentence tell the user you’re going to explain to them how to do… (Introduce a Problem a lot of people face)

Next, explain why they should want to learn how to do this thing. What benefits come from learning how to do this? What can they expect as an outcome or reward?

Now say “Unfortunately… tell the reader why so many people don’t.

The first Subheading is the primary reason why

Now, list 4-5 reasons people don’t learn how to or struggle to make actionable progress.

Finally, give the reader a sentence of hope: you’re going to explain to them how they can overcome all these problems you just laid out! (How most people don’t handle the problem the right way) Here’s how to step by step:

Step 1: Tell the reader exactly what to do. Be Specific!

In the first sentence tell the reader why it’s so important.

Next, give them a few quick examples. Either tell them how to do this in more detail or tell them a story about how someone else put this into action and what reward they unlocked as a result.

Step 4: Editing

Now comes the fun part, here you can choose to share your drafts with a circle of trust or make a checklist for editing your work.

For instance, follow this:

- [ ]  Have you added appropriate visuals?
- [ ]  Are your statements concise, grammar corrected, and understandable?
- [ ]  Do you stick to the topic, reduce going on tangents, and deliver what is promised in the headline?
- [ ]  Go through your draft - add links to relevant resources.

Step 5: Publishing

Once you're done with Steps 1-4 and are confident your baby is good to go out in the world! Do what I did, press send.

Hope this post helped you in some way. Pardon my brevity. Share it with someone who might need to read this. See you in the next edition!