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Building Your Twitter Profile

I've been on Twitter for over 12 years. However, I wasn't a part of the 'OG' cult that got a conversation going on the site early and built their audience gradually as more people joined the platform and discovered them. At various points in time, I've tried to figure out how I too could build an audience on the blue bird site. However considering most of my friends weren't using Twitter to stay in touch and most Twitter users use it for news, entertainment, or getting updates from their favourite celebrities or brands. I felt demotivated thinking perhaps I didn't fit the bill.

Yet my passion for the creator economy, the mechanism of social networks, and the curiosity to understand what works on the platform. Put me through phases of desperate online searches around terms like how to build your profile on Twitter, what to tweet etc.

While only 17% of Indian social media users actively use Twitter it still is a great platform to build an audience on.

A good audience on Twitter is an asset for anyone, especially those who are on the journey of entrepreneurship.

In the last few months, my understanding of the platform has drastically increased and so I am jotting down my key takeaways in the form of this blog post.

Building Your Twitter Profile

Here is a chart to showing how to design your twitter profile as an experience.

Keshav Rai

Your profile should give a very clear reason for someone to follow you. If the reason for following you is not clear in the first few seconds it becomes a larger loss when the number of impressions increases.

Here is a 3 part fix to that:

1. Claiming my stake

This might not be necessary but you can claim your stake or have a moniker, which helps people get an idea of who you are quick.

eg, I am a diversified entrepreneur with XYZ revenue.

2. What am I doing?

It's very important to let people in on what you're doing. eg. I am building a platform for people to learn makeup. I am helping people start food businesses online.

3. What can you expect if you follow me?

You can expect tips and resources around the business building.

Moving on to the other desperate question I've always sought an answer to.

What to Tweet?

While content that is educational performs better the character limit of 280 constraints your ability to share and express. Some structures/ templates that work on Twitter are:

1. Short tip-

1 tip, 1 tweet. eg. I've worked with 300 food brands selling online here are 4 things that have worked for the best ones.

2. Listicle- List out x numbers of things around a topic.

The idea behind listicles is that they allow you to quickly test what topics that will work for you. For instance, go with the following topics:

Here are 3 movies I recommend watching if you're running a food business.

Here are 4 steps to increase your sales on Swiggy.

Don't look out for incredible follow growth from this, but use it to test the waters as to what is working over a week. Topics that work or perform better are where you can go granular and tactical with. There are various ways to set up your Twitter profile but this one is my favourite.


Keshav Rai

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